HyperX Launches High-Capacity Impact DDR4 RAM for Laptops, SFF PCs

HyperX Launches High-Capacity Impact DDR4 RAM for Laptops, SFF PCs

HyperX, the elite gaming division of Kingston, today released fresh Impact DDR4 SO-DIMM products with capacities of up to 64 GB.

HyperX’s announcement points to high-capacity kits that might be the best RAM for enthusiasts who need massive amounts of memory on their notebooks or desktop computers with a limited form factor.

Impact memory modules are fitted with the Plug N Play feature of the brand that automatically sets up the memory without any manual tuning to operate at the advertised frequency. Impact memory modules should play well on both AMD Ryzen and Intel platforms in the compatibility sense.

As a single module or in a dual-channel configuration, HyperX offers the new single-rank 16 GB Impact stick. The frequencies are between DDR4-2400 and DDR4-3200 with CAS latency values ranging from 15 to 20. Regardless of the frequency, to function smoothly, the memory modules only require 1.2V.

Based on the frequency, the individual modules sell from $77 to $95. The packages for 32 GB (2x 16 GB) start at $153 and top out at $190.

HyperX claims that every Impact DDR4 SO-DIMM memory kit is factory tested to ensure that it performs without hiccups at the advertised speed. With a limited lifetime warranty, the vendor also covers these memory kits.

Some quality Features of HyperX Impact DDR4 SO-DIMM

HyperX Impact DDR4 SO-DIMM

It has tremendous overclocking functionality. HyperX Impact DDR4 overclocks itself automatically, so even the first-time installers know that they get the most from their device.

DDR4 runs at a mere 1.2V ultra-efficient impact, and you’ll get a big performance boost, your machine will run cooler, and you’ll pull more out of the battery of your notebook.

For Intel Series 100 and 200 chipsets, Impact DDR4 is designed and has been checked for compatibility with leading motherboard makers. It has low CL13, CL14 and CL15 latencies, higher memory bandwidth and speeds up to 2666MHz1 to power through all the gaming, video editing and multitasking that you can throw at it, available in 4GB-16 GB modules and 2 and 4 kits for capacities up to 64 GB.

HyperX Impact DDR4 SO-DIMM Specifications

New Part NumbersFrequencyLatencyCapacityMSRP
HX424S15IB2K2/322400CL1532GB ((2x 16GB)$153
HX426S16IB2K2/322666CL1632GB (2x 16GB)$153
HX429S17IB2K2/322933CL1732GB (2x 16GB)$177

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