Step 1: How to Drop Items in Oblivion on the Ground?

Drop items in oblivion

First of all, open your inventory. You can easily access your inventory by navigating to the inventory section into your journal. On the PC, to open the Journal, press Tab, and then click the Fist button next to your bars of health, magic, and stamina. You would access your inventory.

While on the Xbox 360, to switch between pages, press B and then use LT / RT before you open the inventory. On PS3, to switch between pages before you open the inventory, press the red circle O button and then use L1 / R1.

You might drop something on the ground in your inventory so that it stops weighing heavy and down you. Pick the object that you want to drop, and push the Drop button.

On the PC, press Shift+ Click the object you want to remove, or move it out of the Inventory window and remove it. In the Xbox 360, you can remove the items by pressing the X button. While on PS3, first highlight the item and then press the red square button.

Step 2: Dropping and Grabbing the Items in Oblivion

Items drop in oblivion

In addition to dropping an object on the ground, you can drop the item and catch it instantly. This will keep the dropped object in front of you until the grab button is released. It’s not the same as using or equipping an item. It just allows you to transfer it around the world.

On the PC, the item you want to drop and grab is clicked and held. In order to drop the object, release the left mouse button. On PS3, highlight the item that you would like to drop and grab. Hold and click L2. To drop the object, release L2. While on Xbox 360, highlight the object that you would like to drop and pick. Hold and press LB. In order to drop the item, release LB.

How to Put Items in Containers in Oblivion

drop items in oblivion.

You can place items in just about any container, but be mindful that your items will not be saved safely in all containers. What makes a container secure or not is not much reasoning behind it. Place a junk item in it and wait for 73 hours in the game to evaluate a container. The container is secure if the object is still there.

You’ll need to open it first in order to put an object in a container. Look at the container and click the buttons as follows:

On the PC: Press Spacebar

On Xbox: Press A

On PS3: Press (X)

You can turn back and forth between the container’s content and your personal inventory after you’ve opened the container.

On the PC, click that Sack icon on the left for your inventory, or the Sack icon on the right for the container. You can also press Shift + Left and Right keys on the keyboard to switch back and forth. On Xbox360, to open your inventory, click LT, and RT to see the container. While on the PS3, to open your inventory, press L1, and to display the container, press R1.

It will be moved to the other inventory when you highlight an object and move it. For example, if you pick an item in your inventory, you can move it into the container and transfer it to your inventory by selecting the item in the container.

On PC, left-click on or highlight and press the object you want to move and hit the Enter key. On the Xbox 360, highlight or select the item you want to switch and push A.While on PS3, highlight the object that you want to switch and click(X).

When to Drop or Sell Items in Oblivion?

drop items on ground in oblivion

You’ll see the Gold column when you open the inventory. That’s the valuation of the item, but you will not get this value from vendors unless your selling ability has been increased. Instead of dropping them, try selling, or using these items.

The Feather Column shows the weight of the object. Dropping a single massive object will prevent you from dropping a lot of essential, lighter items.

You’ll want to find a safe place to drop your item so that it doesn’t collapse if you don’t want to sell anything but can’t keep carrying it around.

Without continually worrying about them missing, you can usually drop objects on the ground. This only works (not in dungeons) on the main map and enemies can pick up dropped weapons.

In Clams, Torn Sacks of Grain, and Sacks, you can store items securely. Any containers in the houses you purchase are also safe. We hope that the query, “How to drop items in Oblivion” has been answered well.