G.Skill Flare X 16GB

Model G.SKILL Flare X Series
Frequency 3200 MHz
Memory Capacity 16 GB
Latency Level CL14
Voltage 1.35V
Memory Type DDR4 SDRAM
Color Black

They offered us the wonderful and inexpensive alternative known as the Flare X before G.Skill blessed us with the Trident Z Neo.

Although not many people preferred it because the concept was a rehash of G.Skill’s older memory kits, the positive thing is that the company has provided something that is really outstanding in terms of performance.

The Flare X series DDR4 memory pack, designed for the new AMD Ryzen 2600x processor, marks the return of the iconic G.SKILL Flare series that produced incredible performance in the previous generation of DDR3 memory. The Flare X series will provide the best compatibility and stability for systems with the AMD Ryzen CPU, designed with carefully chosen IC chips specifically tested and validated on the AM4 platform.

The G.SKILL Flare X series is a RAM kit that neglects the sticks’ visual aspect and is a combination of performance and budget. It is the simplest-looking RAM kit on the list, but we ranked it number one because of the low rate and high performance.

Because AMD Ryzen 5 2600x is an affordable processor, it would be easier to buy this stick because the performance is much higher than the cost.

As for the specs of this package, it comes with two 8 GB sticks, for a total of 16 GB of memory. It is a memory for the PC4-25600, which means that it runs at 3200 MHz.

If we talk about this RAM pack’s latency, it is very impressive to see that this memory has low CL14 latency, and this is the only kit with this low latency on the list. The memory works at 1.35V, but if you like, you can change the voltage through the motherboard; of course, you can do it.

Also, there is no RGB in the sticks for the memory stick layout, but the sticks still look perfectly alright due to the complicated design of the heat-spreaders. The sticks’ height is slightly higher than the normal sticks without heat-spreaders, but heat-spreaders ensure that the sticks are not overheated.

The G.SKILL Flare X Series RAM kit is an excellent product that offers greater performance while keeping the price low, but due to the absence of some RGBs, there is a little compromise on the sticks’ aesthetics.

Thanks to distinctive-looking heat-spreaders that also assist a lot in cooling the sticks, the look of the sticks is still better than standard sticks. Generally speaking, this RAM kit ought to be the best for you if you want top-notch performance without wasting much on the memory sticks.

  • Comparatively low latency
  • The best Budget RAM
  • Cooling capacity is impressive
  • No RGBs for RGB geeks


Brand Team Group
Model TEAMGROUP T-Force Delta RGB (2 x 8 GB) (PC4-25600)
Speed 3000 MHz DDR
Capacity 16 GB
Latency CL16
Warranty Lifetime

Let’s jump onto our 2nd best RAM for Ryzen 2600x, which is the TeamGroup T-force Delta RGB kit. These RAM sets are available with black or white heat spreaders, range from CAS15 to CAS16 depending on the speed picked, and range from 2400, 2666, or 3000MHz. They are all capable of XMP 2.0; they have a lifetime warranty and, of course, RGB LED light, which is compatible with ASUS Aura Sync.

TEAMGROUP T-Force is an improved company in recent years that is widely praised for the development of low-priced RAM kits these days. TEAMGROUP T-Force Delta RGB is a great-looking RAM kit that attempts to balance cost, functionality, and visuals with each other.

With diffused RGB lighting at the end, the TEAMGROUP T-Force Delta RGB offers a distinctive appearance and comes in either white or black. The RAM kit’s height is considerably higher than that of the regular kits, so be sure to verify your cooling solution’s RAM clearance before purchasing this RAM kit.

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As for the specifications, with the PC4-25600 setup, the RAM kit comes with two 8 GB sticks each. For most individuals, if you make the device for gaming or other workloads, the 3200 MHz frequency should be more than enough. However, by overclocking, you might be able to drive the RAM kit further. The RAM kit has a balanced CL16 latency, which is great, and the voltage kit works at 1.35V.

Their end-to-end RGB lighting offers much more light coverage than any other DDR4 sticks right now, and one of my favorite RGB looks is their multi-colored rainbow pattern that lights up right out of the box. I wanted so badly to send a 10/10 to these sticks based on looks alone. Yet, I am also considering the performance.

These have some drawbacks, with these sticks specifically only made for ASUS boards that offer Aura Sync. We can then look at the offered speeds and find another limitation. I am talking about 3000 MHz at the maximum speed. They might consider improving this aspect as a good PC might push it to 4000 MHz frequency.

For those people who are on a budget but who do not want to compromise on the aesthetics of the RAM or the performance, for the most part, TEAMGROUP T-Force Delta RGB is a RAM kit for you.

The RAM’s high frequency helps the user optimize the processor’s capacity, whereas the RGB lighting significantly enhances the system’s appearance. Generally speaking, when it comes to price, efficiency, and aesthetics, this RAM kit provides great value.

  • Affordable price for RGB-lighted DRAM
  • Can be configured via Asus Aura software
  • Enhanced overclocking capability
  • LED software for control still in beta

CORSAIR Dominator Platinum RGB

Brand Corsair
Model CORSAIR Dominator Platinum RGB (2 x 8 GB)
Speed 3200 MHz DDR
Capacity 16 GB
Latency CL16
Voltage 1.35V
Warranty Lifetime

Another best RAM for Ryzen 2600x on our list is the CORSAIR Dominator Platinum RGB RAM. The kit is not only best in its aesthetics but also provides excellent performance.

The Dominator Platinum RGB is regulated, like the rest of the RGB lineup, through Corsair’s iCUE software suite. You’ll be able to import and synchronize your lighting profiles across all devices if you have any other Corsair RGB products.

For quite some time now, Corsair’s Dominator Platinum has been one of the best RAM for gaming kits. Over the years, its sleek exterior, innovative DHX cooling technology, and unrivaled performance have rendered it a formidable flagship. Corsair is now launching the latest Dominator Platinum RGB with the same best in class output and RGB lighting using the new Capellix LEDs from the brand, first teased at CES.

The new design may look similar to the black Vengeance RGB series of Corsair at a quick glance, but there are significant lighting differences. The early Vengeance RGB features non-addressable LEDs, which means that only one color at a time could be the entire light bar. On the other hand, the newer Vengeance RGB Pro features 10 LEDs that are individually addressable. Using 12 of Corsair’s revolutionary addressable Capellix LEDs, the Dominator Platinum RGB kicks things up a notch as expected from a flagship line.

The CORSAIR Dominator Platinum RGB style varies somewhat from the original non-RGB sticks that used a silver-color theme, whereas the RGB kit is available in black or white.

From both sides and the top, you can see the sticks’ RGB lighting, and there is also Dominator written at the top of the sticks. The RGB lighting is certainly not as good as the Trident Z sticks, but it looks very clean in the overall presentation.

It comes with two 8 GB sticks, and it is PC4-25600 memory according to the details of the RAM kit, i.e., it operates at a frequency of 3200 MHz, as long as the device supports it. The package’s latency is also very reasonable, around CL16, but to achieve even better efficiency, you can fiddle with the motherboard settings.

CORSAIR Platinum RGB Dominator is a perfect alternative to the G.SKILL Trident Z Neo Series, which should be very suitable for you if you are a fan of CORSAIR products.

This RAM kit can be overclocked to fit the Neo Series kit’s speed as well, but it cannot be promised. Generally speaking, this RAM kit’s look is very superior to many of the RAM kits on the market, and this RAM kit will not disappoint you at all.

  • Impressive XMP performance
  • Overclocking is also good.
  • Bright Capellix RGB LEDs
  • Innovative iCUE software
  • Dominator DHX heat-spreaders
  • Module height might be problematic

Corsair Vengeance LPX

Brand Corsair
Model Corsair Vengeance LPX
Speed 3200 MHz DDR
Capacity 16 GB
Latency CL16
Voltage 1.35V
Warranty Lifetime

Corsair has always been a favorite option for pro gamers and many PC enthusiasts when it comes to performance. The company provides enough flexibility to choose the right hardware components for your next PC build. The Corsair Vengeance LPX ram is one of the best RAM for Ryzen 2600x.

The brand offers a broad array of products, and its RAM kits are one of the most reliable products among them. There is a long history of CORSAIR RAM kits, and some of the world’s best RAM kits are made by CORSAIR.

The CORSAIR Vengeance LPX is a very similar RAM kit to the G.SKILL FLARE X series kit in terms of overall price and performance. Furthermore, this RAM kit does not have any kind of lighting offered by other expensive kits and thus offers a simple look.

The RAM kit’s height is quite low and almost the same as standard RAM sticks without heat spreaders, but compared to other RAM kits on the list, this also makes it vulnerable to overheating.

The RAM kit comes with two 8 GB sticks each and is PC4-24000 memory, which means it runs on 3000 MHz. As for the specifications, the kit’s latency is higher than that of the FLARE X series but is still lower than that of other RAM kits due to the lower frequency of the sticks. The voltage is 1.35V for the kits, which is the same for the FLARE X series kits.

If you are looking for an affordable RAM solution, then CORSAIR Vengeance LPX is the right choice for you. This kit’s frequency is the lowest among other kits mentioned here, so it would fit well.

It simply means that the RAM would work with old motherboards such as B350-chipset-based motherboards, while other RAM kits, particularly at the advertised speeds, might not boot on these motherboards.

As far as the physical compatibility is concerned, this memory kit is perfect for those who use a beefy cooling solution that could restrict the range of RAM sticks due to lower RAM clearance.

The Corsair kit isn’t just fast; it’s also reliable. In the high-end group, its theoretical results are often the best, and no other costly kit can offer the equivalence and speed that Corsair has served through real-world application and gaming tests. Maybe it does not have fancy RGB LEDs and other eye-catching features; however, this is the top RAM when it comes to high-end speed and performance.

  • High-end performance
  • High DDR4-3200 rating
  • Low latency
  • Normal height of the kit
  • Low price
  • Limited overclocking at 1.35V

G.SKILL Trident Z Neo Series

Model G.SKILL Trident Z Neo Series
Speed 3600 MHz DDR
Capacity 16 GB
Latency Latency
Voltage 1.35V
Warranty Lifetime

Here comes our 5th best RAM for Ryzen 2600x. The Trident Z Neo is the new version of the Trident series from G.Skill, which has become a household name in enthusiasts’ circles. G.Skill markets the Trident Z Neo for AMD’s Ryzen processors and the AMD X570 platform. That being said, without hiccups, Intel owners can also tap into the Trident Z Neo’s prowess.

This is the company’s flagship RAM package for the AMD system and offers high-quality performance without sacrificing looks.

The RAM comes equipped with a black and white design, which just looks amazing, along with diffused RGB lighting at the top. You would agree with me that this RAM is one of the world’s best-looking RAM kits.

Although the sticks’ height is higher than the normal sticks, it should still be compatible with most air cooling solutions, and you will not have any clearance problems if you use a liquid cooling solution.

The RAM package has two 8-GB sticks and a PC4-28800 kit, which means that it works at a high frequency of 3,600 MHz, but its latency in CL18 is very high, making this the slowest kit in terms of latency.

One problem with the package is that you might be unable to boot memory at advertised speeds if you do not use the X570 chipset motherboard, which drastically reduces this kit’s performance gain. With respect to voltage, it works at 1.35V normal voltage.

The G.SKILL Trident Z Neo design takes the Trident Z’s classic profile and adds some color and flare. The construction quality undoubtedly gives a premium feel to the package, and the sleek packaging amplifies that feeling. The heat spreader maintains neutral colors that match a wide range of constructions and is eye-catching.

A great RAM package that is aimed at high-end users is the G.SKILL Trident Z Neo Series. This means you can only get this memory package if you want a high-quality RAM kit once and for all, and your processor and motherboard will be replaced later.

The RAM kit price is considerably higher than the previous kits, but this is anticipated because RGB lighting is available.

The kit is not a cheaper option, but that doesn’t mean this package doesn’t make the right purchaser worth it. The Trident Z Neo is where you should look first if you want a great-looking kit from a top brand that will get you the absolute most out of your new AMD device. In general, this item should be checked if you want a RAM kit free of compromises.

  • Solid performance kit
  • Great overclocking ability
  • Beautiful aesthetics
  • Very high frequency
  • Compatible with AMD platform
  • A bit expensive

Patriot Memory VIPER 4 Series

Brand Patriot
Model Patriot Memory VIPER 4 Series
Speed 3000 MHz DDR
Capacity 16 GB
Latency CL16
Voltage 1.2V
Warranty Lifetime

Patriot is one of those businesses that is mostly found under the radar for one reason or the other. However, the fact that they are remembered for making some of the highest quality memory kits is something we cannot ignore.

The RAM kits have an excellent area from every viewpoint, and several of them are also affordable. Presently, we are looking at one of the best RAM kits for Ryzen 2600x available on the market, the Patriot Memory VIPER 4, and let’s find out what’s so good about it.

The heat spreader design is one of the most attractive, to start with some of the good stuff, and the RAM also gives you a good amount of headroom for overclocking.

In certain instances, the RAM is also excellent in achieving high overclocking as it turns out to be one of the fastest for overclocking purposes.

You should also know about the lifetime warranty given with this RAM because most people don’t know how beneficial it can be.

Last but not least, it’s also a good thing that even with stock clocks, you can easily achieve great efficiency, which isn’t easily available.

With so many positive things aside, honestly, the only concern we have about this RAM kit is that it comes with a green PCB, a cost-saving measure, and not an aesthetic one, to be frank.

This is one of the fastest kits out there when it comes to efficiency. It was actually difficult to discover a motherboard that would accommodate 3000 MHz memory when DDR4 first came out. Almost all motherboards embrace this speed as the platform has evolved, and that’s nice to see.

This kit can achieve those speeds because it actually adjusts the device base clock from 100 MHz to 125 MHz, essentially overclocking the CPU when you activate the XMP 2.0 profile. This may be strange for some, but with your Processor multiplier, you can easily make the change or just leave it as it is and enjoy the build’s improved efficiency.

Generally speaking, the Patriot Memory VIPER 4 is among the finest RAM kits available on the market today that you can purchase at this very moment. It works well and does not break a bank in almost all cases.

  • The attractive design of the heat spreader
  • Great at overclocking
  • Fantastic value for money
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Superb stock performance
  • Green PCB is somewhat not ideal.