About Us

Who we are?

GamingUrban is the one-stop solution and Wikipedia of Gaming solutions. We at Gaming Urban are trying our best to bring your quality product reviews and quality gaming solutions.

We agree that there needs to be a simpler way to find the information you are searching for online without reading loads of needless text or boring videos that won’t get to the point immediately. We strive to make it enjoyable and available to all – particularly constructing your own PC.

Our Mission

Many people just go, without doing any work, with whatever product their friends suggest. You must agree that not everybody has the ability to study their own and read hundreds of articles.

Our mission is not only to stuff content on the website but to provide valuable reviews about different gaming products online. You will get reliable and authentic product reviews and would better be able to decide the right products for your exact needs.

For all the excess knowledge about computers, hardware, and games out there, how exactly can you instantly find what you are looking for? This is where we are coming in.

We feature stories with original coverage, write updates about upcoming games, produce lots of research-based purchase guides, review products and games, and much, much more.

Our main aim is to clarify advanced topics as quickly as possible so that everyone can find what they’re searching for right away, although we’re also discussing each subject in depth.

The people behind GamingUrban are themselves proud gamers too. We do have engineers on the team with advanced computers. We’re here for you and other guests or viewers to help.

We want this website to be people’s last stop as they choose the right product to suit their needs. You will find our honest reviews here on GamingUrban, whether it’s a new gaming keyboard, a PC, a motherboard, or any other tech product.